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XPC News
[Notice] XPC is now available on Avacus
19-02-25 15:33


Thank you for joining  us in Avacus' New Trading Currency Vote Session 2 from last year.

XPC is officially available on Avacus as of 2019/02/25 

* What is Avacus?

Avacus is an innovative escrow service that connects people who want to shop for great deals using cryptocurrency with people who want to get cryptocurrency more conveniently without the use of an exchange, all through the Amazon wish list (Currently available for Amazon JP, US, UK and DE). 


https://avacus.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/folders/35000167305  (FAQ - JP, EN)

Anyone can make an account on Avacus with an email address, and it is a very simple and quick set up!

Happy shopping!

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